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So, this morning the news went through the lolita comunity that a girl from the Seattle area went missing for two days (on her birthday) and was found dead yesterday. :(

I didn't know her, but my heart aches for her, her family, her boyfriend and friends...

I don't know. I'm not sure I have any lolitas on my friends list, but I just have to put these thoughts down here.

The thing is, most of the time the lolita community, especially online which admittedly is the most I see of it unless there's an even I can actually reach... Anyway. Most of the time it barely feels real to me. The pictures, the colours, the clothes, yes, even the drama about those clothes and people doing it wrong...

To use the most cliché metaphor, really, considering the subculture, when I click on a link to anything lolita related or do anything related to it, it feels a bit like falling down that rabbit hole and ending up in wonderland.

So, waking up to news like this, it kinda is not only horrible, but also... hard to associate.
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