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Indigo musk, wild plum, rose geranium, benzoin, night-blooming jasmine, and patchouli.

In the imp: I get a strong scent of patchouly and musk and the earthy-flowery scent of the geranium. It's a very sharp scent

Wet: The scent becomes less sharp. I still smell the musk and geranium, but now the jasmine and something slightly sweet-fruity comes through mixed with the slightly honey-ish scent of benzoin. The patchouli totally saves this one for me, because it makes it work on me despite the flowery scents.

On drydown: The musk and patchouly melt into the background, leaving the geranium, jasmine and benuzoin behind and now it does something really nice because I'm finally getting the wild plum and it's sweet and slightly fruity. It's a very calm... purple scent, if scents can be purple. lol

Ok, so when I first put this on this morning I really wasn't sure whether it was working on me and I was very much "not sure if like."

By tonight? Oh, I do like it very much, actually. It takes a while to go through all its transformations on me, but I really like the end result when it becomes a softer scents. It's soft, sweet and flowery, but still dark and earthy enough to work on me.
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